Preliminary Notice of the AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the BMDCV will be held on the 2nd of September at KCC Park, Skye. There will be a number of vacancies on the committee as some of our wonderful, hardworking members are retiring or having a well deserved break. The 2013-2014 new committee members have bought some great new ideas to the table, some of which are being planned for action at the moment! If you would like to join the team and contribute your great new ideas, please fill out a nomination form and post to Helen Potter before the closing date, 05/08/2014.

To be eligible to be on the committee you must be a financial member of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Victoria Inc.  In accordance with the rules of Dogs Victoria (of which the BMDCV is an affiliate), you must also become a financial member of Dogs Victoria if you take the position of an office bearer.

If you would like any further information please contact any committee member for assistance – we’d love to hear from you.

The Club is currently proposing various changes to the Club's rules and Code of Ethics.  We invite members to read the following proposed changes which will be further discussed at this year's AGM.

files/BMDCV - Proposed Changes to the Code of Ethics.pdf

files/BMDCV - Proposed Changes to the Model Rules.pdf

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Coburg social walk 31 August 2014


This afternoon we had a lovely walk at Coburg Lake – perfect weather, lovely scenery and great company!  Thanks to Luke, Tony and Lynne for organising the walk, and thanks especially to Luke for finding the new territory.  



1. More detailed notes will be posted on this website prior to the event

2. Social walks are usually on the last Sunday of the month

3. Full details for current month's walk will also be found on this website under the Events & Activities / WALKS button or on these Facebook pages!/bmdcv!/bmd.victoria

(all walks to be confirmed with an individual posting elsewhere on this website)

Jan 26 9am Brighton Beach - Chicken 'n Champagne

Feb 23 >>NO<< walk due to heat as in past years

Mar 30 Wilson Botanic Park, Berwick 3pm

Apr 12 Saturday 3pm location Birrarung Marr in the city. There will be no end of month April walk

May 25th Sunday -- WARBURTON

July & August - Snow walks - organised by Tony and Lynne - because the July and August walks are dependent on snow fall, they are not always held on the last Sunday of the month but are held when the weather permits.  Please continue to check the website and facebook page for notifications of these walks.

28 September - Jells Park - organised by Claudia

October - to be advised

30 November - Kris Kringle Brighton Beach walk, early evening - organised by Tony and Lynne

2015 - programme is a work in progress, but so far:

25 January - Chicken & Champagne early morning Brighton Beach walk - organised by Tony and Lynne

February - to be advised

29 March - location to be advised - organisers: Tony and Lynne

31 May - location to be advised - organisers: Tony and Lynne


If any BMDCV members would like to organise any additional or end of month walks that would be fantastic.  Please contact Claudia with any questions or to volunteer to organise a walk at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or via this website's contacts page.


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Dates have been finalised for the 2014 Sausage Sizzles.


These are held at Woolworths (Safeway) on John Street in Pakenham and contribute much needed funds to the Club.

If you can assist on any of these dates please contact Club Secretary Helen Potter.

Saturday May 31st

Saturday July 26th

Saturday August 23rd

Saturday October 18th




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