This page is a celebration of our precious senior Bernese.  If you have a Bernese over the age of 7, that you would like to celebrate on this page please email a photo of your dog with their birth date and a line or two about them to:


Current Veterans

Tosca (b. 1 Oct 2003) and Saffi (b. 13 Sep 2006)

Saffi and Tosca

Tosca and Saffi can be seen here enjoying a pig’s ear with their buddy Mickee – Sue Barker


Bosley (b. 18 Aug 2004)


I wouldn’t change a thing about Boz! He is such a gentle dog and has my heart like no other dog ever will – Wendy Valencic


Bessie (b. 28 Aug 2004)


Bessie certainly still lets all the other dogs know who is the boss! Not that it’s a hard job when you are as pushy as Bessie when it comes to getting cuddles….she simply sits on your feet and looks at you with pleading eyes until you stop what you’re doing and pat her – John and Bernadette Hayman


Spy (b. 16 Jan 2005)


Spy is a treasured member of our family and has achieved so many accolades in both the working and social aspects of her life. Spy turned nine this year, she is still cheeky and full of energy. We hope that she will be that way for many years to come! – Beatriz Insausti


Viggo (b. 7 Jun 2005)


Viggo is special and knows he is! He expects special privileges – like alone time with his Mum, sitting on the couch. Viggo has a huge fluffy ball that he carries around the house. He has had it for seven years, including when he was in quarantine, and it’s still in one piece! The big dog with the big ball makes everyone who sees him smile – Lynette Dawson


Taiten (b. 16 Jul 2005) and Rosie (b. 19 May 2006)

Rosie and Taiten

Taiten is my gentle giant and most definitely a mummy’s boy. He is always and will be, happiest when he is right beside me. He is my happy pill particularly in the last few months. He always puts a smile on my face. Rosie is master cuddler and smoocher. My mum always called her “Nonnas coccolona” which translated is “Grandmas cuddly one” – Dee and Steve


Windsor (b. 15 Mar 2006)


Windsor’s lively and social personality has made him a hit from Sunday walks through the local markets to pet expo’s to sitting on his table meeting and greeting the public at the Royal Shows. He also provides a very enthusiastic welcoming party for any one visiting the Fisher Farm! – Murray, Vanessa and Emily Fisher


Archie (b. 16 March 2006)


On the 16th March 2013 I celebrated Archie 8th birthday. Archie is full of life and energy and is always eager to please. Although at times Archie gives me a run for money his enthusiasm for life is so much fun and I hope to spend many more years ahead with my beautiful boy – Nikki Smith


Suki (b. 24 Mar 2006)


Suki has gentle humor, starts bark- offs and if she could, she’d giggle as the others take up the noise as she toddles off to watch the fun and my reaction – Annie Bell


Katie (b. 18 May 2006)


I am a gentle, quiet girl, unless I am protecting my family – then you will hear all about it! Although I might sound scary it’s mostly just for show. I enjoy going for walks along the river (where I might get to chase the occasional rabbit), having lots and lots of cuddles, playing with my friends, and my favourite part of the day is dinnertime!
 – Katie (dictated via her humans, Tom, Janet and Liesl)


Ella (b. 3 Jan 2007)


Of all the girls at my place, Ella is the “tom boy”. She hates being brushed, bathed, primped or preened in any way, but will be first in line for pats, food and loving!!! She is always fun and lives life to the fullest – Wendy Valencic


Hunter (b. 20 April 2007)


Hunter is the latest resident at Bells’ bolthole in Wagga Wagga. He has been with Annie for approximately three weeks and is learning the ropes as mandated by Annie and the dominant Berner girl Harriette. He is the brother of Zoe and Jethro’s Fletch but with a tongue that Gene Simmons would be proud of – Annie Bell


Fletch (b. 20 April 2007)


Fletch lives the great life in Fitzroy where he dines out in Gertrude Street and exercises in the middle of Victoria Parade! When Fletch has a run at Victoria Park he goes by the name of ‘Bucks’. The Pies might not approve of a Bomber on their turf! Fletch is Mr Congeniality and is at home where ever Zoe and Jethro take him. He recognizes the yellow McDonald’s sign when driving through to get his thirty cent cone getting very excited. Some of the assistants give him a really big cone and are delighted to see him swallow it in one gulp! – Lynney Wall


Ally (b. 20 April 2007)


Ally is the CEO of Diggiddydoggy Daycare in South Melbourne. Here Ally is out and about in the orange Diggiddydoggy Daycare van doing deliveries! She is very clever! Great at obedience too. Ally is an excellent berner model when she is making public appearances. Ally is adored and loved by the Farren family – Nicole and Jeanette Farren