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Annual General Meeting — KCC Park, Skye

Monday 11th September 2023: BMDCV nomination form 2023


❗❗2023 Specialty Show❗❗


Sunday 11th June 2023 9am

Schedule: Bernese Schedule 2023

Veterans and New Champions recognition 2023: Veterans and New Champs 2023

Veterans Template 2023


* NEW  Committee for 2022-2023

* NEW  Membership Forms for July 1st 2023 – June 30th 2024.
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** Puppy Enquiries and Covid-19 **

Hello Bernese fanciers!

We are certainly in unprecedented times at the moment, and hope you are all safe and well.

Like many other dog and cat breeders and animal rescue organisations, Bernese breeders are currently finding themselves quite overwhelmed with puppy enquiries at the moment. Whilst we certainly appreciate your interest in the breed, we hope you understand that the wait for a thoughtfully bred, purebred pup may be longer than normal in the current circumstances.

It is impossible for us to meet new potential buyers at the moment. We cannot have guests in our homes, we cannot meet at a dog show or sporting event, and all Dogs Victoria and BMDCV activities are cancelled in line with government and Dogs Victoria instructions.

Some breeders may have put breeding plans on hold completely. Some breeders had their eye on using a stud dog interstate, or even overseas. Some breeders are concerned about vet availability and opportunities to socialise pending puppies. After all, we all try to do our best by the breed and for our own breeding programs, which ultimately you, the buyers, benefit from.

With that in mind, we hope you understand if the breeders on our Breeders List may not get back to you for some time, or at all, with enquiries flooding our phones and inboxes all day at the moment. I would encourage you to follow up any enquiries in approximately 6 months or so.

Normally we would advise the wait for a Bernese puppy may be 6-12 months or more once you are in regular contact with a breeder, but at the moment that timeframe could be indefinitely extended, depending on how our country, and the world, deals with the pandemic it currently faces.

We do understand that many of you, like many of us, may be able to work from home now, and believe you have the time to devote to a new family member, but a Bernese puppy may sadly just not be available at this time. Many of our breeders are also essential workers in areas such as health, and are already putting themselves at risk every day.

We encourage you to use this time of social distancing to research the breed/s you are interested in, and when we’re able to talk to you, you should have questions ready about what you would like to know about the breed and our plans, but please know that we are as heartbroken as you are that our puppy dreams may not come true for quite some time.

Please take care this Easter. We wish you all the best, and safety and happiness for you and your families.

Sheridan Holmes
BMDCV President