The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Victoria Inc. (BMDCV) was formed in 2000 in response to the growing popularity of the breed in both Victoria and Australia. The club has been an important meeting place for Bernese Mountain Dog owners and breeders alike, and provides a valuable site for breed discussion, advice, information and above all: FUN.

We host a variety of activities for members including picnics, fun days with trips to the snow in homage of our breed’s Swiss heritage, seaside frolicking at Brighton beach, and scenic tours of Kew and Emerald Lake Park to name but a few. A highlight of the year is always the club’s annual Christmas Party that sees many enthusiastic Berners and their owners competing in the Egg and Spoon race, sack race challenge, obedience games, (and yes, this was a hotly competitive event as Berners can be very smart!) and many more.

The club also plays an important role in public education and participates in both the Melbourne Pet & Animal Expo and the Melbourne Dog Lovers Expo.

Currently the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Victoria Inc. boasts the honour of being the largest club in Australia to regularly host a Championship Specialty Dog Show. This event brings together up to 100 Bernese Mountain Dogs from across the nation, all competing for the illustrious title of Best In Show.

The BMDCV has established the Guardian Angels Program to support Bernese Mountain Dogs that have been rescued due to abuse, health problems or anything the BMDCV considers to be causing harm to an individual dog.

A new initiative of the BMDCV is the establishment of a health fund to allow us to contribute and sponsor research into some of the health problems that our breed is susceptible to.

The BMDCV operates without any funding from government or other bodies.  If you would like to make a financial contribution to the BMDCV club, please download our BMDCV Donation Form.