This is a Berner Angel Pin. The Angel Pin Project was started by Karen Connors in the United States. In 1999 Karen’s first Berner, Berner Britney Mae of Kokanell (Britt), died at the age of 6 years from malignant histiocytoisis. As a way of remembering Britt, Karen found a small dog angel pin, had a friend paint it so it looked like a Berner and began mailing Berner Angel Pins in Britt’s name to anyone that she knew had lost a Berner. Angel Pins are now sent world wide to anyone who has lost a Berner and would like one.   If you would like to request an Angel Pin for either yourself or a friend, please contact either Emma Sankey or Nikki Smith. If you are requesting a pin for someone else you must ask them first if it is something they would like to receive.