What is Berner-Garde?

The Berner-Garde Foundation (BGF) was established in 1995.  It’s aim was “to ensure that all Bernese Mountain Dogs have a long and healthy lifespan of twelve – fourteen years.” One step towards accomplishing this goal was to establish the Berner-Garde Database to collect, maintain and disseminate information about genetic diseases in the Bernese Mountain Dog.

This database is freely available to all and has been compiled over many years from voluntary submissions from owners, breeders and other public information sources world wide. It’s importance cannot be overstated.

The collection of data allows health trends to be identified earlier rather than later, to better understand genetic and other diseases in not just an individual dog but the breed as a whole and provides an invaluable resource for researchers. It is also a useful tool for breeders and pet owners as it can provide a complete medical history of your dog’s family, provided the information has been put in the database. And this is where every pet owner, breeder and Bernese Mountain Dog Club has a role to play. By submitting our dogs information into Berner-Garde we can contribute to the health and vitality of the breed. Please have a look at the website and consider entering your dog.

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