The Bernese Mountain dog Guardian Angels Program aids to support Bernese Mountain Dogs that have been rescued due to abuse, health problems or anything the BMDCV considers to be causing harm to an individual dog.

Currently the Australian Bernese Mountain Dog community actively rescues dogs from harm without any funding from external bodies or support from Australian dog clubs. There are however a few individuals that take it upon themselves to give everything they can to provide for these loveable dogs.

You can become a “Guardian Angel” to one of our rescued Bernese. This may be a dog currently needing support or supporting any future dogs that may require urgent assistance. The BMDCV invites you to aid financially or otherwise to the rescue of Bernese in trouble.

Financial support will be used for a variety of purposes including nutrition, microchipping, veterinary consultations, housing and rehabilitation.

For further details about donating, please download this Guardian Angels Donation Form or contact the Club’s treasurer: Sarah Allsop

If you see or know of a Bernese Mountain Dog you suspect might be in need of a ‘Guardian Angel’ please contact the BMDCV RESCUE OFFICER, Felicity Broome

People becoming Guardian Angels can either be shown on the website or remain anonymous.